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10 New Book Releases I Can’t Wait to Get My Hands On

January 11, 2019
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2018 just wrapped up and it was a great reading year for me!  I got to read so many good books that were recommended to me by my friends on #bookstagram.  Click here for my list of 27 four and five-star books of 2018.

2019 is already gearing up to be another great reading year.  I have been hearing all about the new releases and am chomping at the bit for them to come out!  Here are ten of them that will be released this winter that I can’t wait to get my hands on:

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Freefall by Jessica Barry (January 8):  Allison Carpenter’s small plane crashes into the Rocky Mountains, killing her well-to, CEO fiance.  Allison must make it through the wilderness to safety before the men who were chasing them can find her.  Meanwhile, Allison’s estranged mother, Maggie, hears of her daughter’s crash and is determined to find out what happened.  Can she find Allison in time?

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen (January 8):  By the authors of A Wife Between Us,  this book is about Jessica Farris, a young woman who signs up to be part of a psychology test thinking it will be a quick way to make some extra money.  She soon finds out that the test is more in-depth than she thought, and she begins to confuse what is real and what is a part of this sinister doctor’s test.

The Au Pair by Emma Rous (January 8):  Seraphine Mayes and her twin brother Danny ’s father dies suddenly.  While going through his things, Seraphine finds a family photograph taken on the day the twins were born, but only one baby is in the picture.  What dark secret was the family hiding?

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker (January 15): A young college student falls asleep and won’t wake up.  Her roommate Mel, begins to worry and calls an ambulance.  Pretty soon other students begin to fall under this strange illness, and then it begins to spread from the campus into the town.  The doctors can’t figure out what is wrong or how to help these people, but they notice that the patients’ brain activity is heightened.  They are dreaming. What are they dreaming of?

No Exit by Taylor Adams (January 22):  Darby Thorne is a college student heading home to see her mother, when a blizzard hits Colorado, leaving the roads unpassable.  Darby stops at a remote rest stop to wait for the worst of the storm to blow over and the roads to clear. She is joined by four other travelers.  When she goes back to her car to make a phone call, she notices a young girl locked in an animal crate in the van next to her car. One of the strangers at the rest stop is a kidnapper.  But which one? And how will Darby save herself and the girl?

The Suspect by Fiona Barton (January 22):  Two 18-year-old girls are on vacation in Thailand when they go missing.  Their story becomes international news and journalist Kate Waters is on the job to report it.  But she finds is that the danger is closer to home than she thinks.

Bowlaway by Elizabeth McCracken (February 5):  At the turn of the 20th century, Bertha Truitt is found unconscious in a local cemetery.  The townspeople have no idea who she is or where she came from. And once she recovers, she doesn’t speak about her past, either.  Instead, Bertha marries the doctor that helped her and opens a bowling alley in town, which quickly becomes a huge success. When Bertha dies, she leaves the alley to her family, but then a stranger comes to town claiming to be Bertha’s son.  What secrets was she keeping?

On the Come Up by Angie Thomas (February 5):  By the author of The Hate U Give, this story is about 18- year- old Bri, who wants to become a Hip Hop star.  Her song goes viral, but for all the wrong reasons and Bri has to figure out how to make her career work in spite of the negative publicity – her family is depending on it.  

The Lost Man by Jane Harper (February 5):  Nathan, Bub and Cameron Bright are brothers who live in the Australian outback.  They decide to meet for the first time in months, but when Nathan and Bub get there, they find Cameron dead.  Did he die of natural causes? Or was he killed by someone they know? Jane Harper wrote one of my favorite reads in 2018 – The Dry.  She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!

The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray (February 19):  Althea and her husband are arrested and the family is disgraced in their small town.  Althea’s sisters, Lillian and Viola, must come and take care of their her teenage daughters.  This story is about how this family gets through this tragedy. Although not by the same author, this book has been compared to An American Marriage, which was also one of my 5-star reads in 2018.

Those are a few of the new releases I am looking forward to reading this winter.  Which 2019 books will make your TBR pile?

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